Sid the Giant Ground Sloth
"Sid" the Giant Ground Sloth from Missouri, USA

The Zuhl Collection also contains a large number of fossils of invertebrate and vertebrate animals from all over the world, including trilobites, ammonites, insects, fishes, mammals, reptiles, and dinosaurs.

The newly renovated History of Life Gallery, houses these amazing specimens. From tiny snails to a giant sloth, this gallery showcases the diversity of ancient life. 

The History of Life Gallery is arranged in chronological order according to the geologic timescale beginning wit the Precambrian (4.6 billion years ago-541 million years ago) and ending in the Cenozoic (66 million years ago-present day).

Archie the Archeria
Archie the Archeria from Archer Co., Texas, USA, Only full skeleton in the world


Skull of Large Mosasaurus from Morocco



Dragonfly from Solnhofen Formation, Germany